DIY Hydrating Face Mask

Happy Hump Day (which means I’ve got a video for ya)! This time, I’m sharing another DIY face mask that I often make at home. It’s super hydrating and only requires three ingredients — honey, avocado and yogurt. It will sooth both acne and fine lines.

Honey is antibacterial, which means it’s great for fighting acne. It’s also packed with antioxidants, and slows down aging while keeping your skin moisturized. Avocados are especially great for nurturing dry or itchy skin, since they’re packed with nutrients and amino acids. Lastly, yogurt tightens pores and reduces the appearance of fine lines. Win-Win in my book! Watch the video below for how your own hydrating mask at home…

INGREDIENTS: 1/4 c honey | 1/2 avocado | 1/2 c plain yogurt


Video by Tim + Co. | Photos by Annie Shak