My Summertime Bucket List

I’m convinced my family could swap our home for life under a beach umbrella (ya know, if there was no high tide or a bug in site) 😉 We love summertime, and it’s always a season that we create some of our happiest memories.

Growing up, I used to split my summers between beach time on Lake Michigan and in Malibu (my parents lived in opposite cities), and so my love for creating memories in the sand started when I was really young. Now, a few decades later, it’s one of greatest joys in life to experience some of those happy moments with my boys.

At the start of each season we create a bucket list of things we want to do. Sometimes we don’t check everything off because life happens, but it gives us some motivation to plan ahead. We also LOVE un-planning and allowing us the freedom to indulge in those in between moments that always prove to be some of the best.

Here’s what’s on our mind for the next few months…

  1. 1. Lazy Beach Days | Some of my favorite memories from last summer are chasing after my wild toddler on the beach. Sounds simple, but he’s the happiest when putting his feet in the ocean!
  2. 2. Go Home to Michigan | We adore Michigan summers and going home brings me back to my happy place. It’s simple, it’s beautiful, and it holds no expectations (we can just be). Ev loves boating on the lake, and it allows us to spend the week with my mom.
  3. 3. Make Homemade Sweets | We are obsessed with homemade popsicles (this recipe) and I’ve been craving these healthy ice cream sandwiches.
  4. 4. Wear Less Makeup | Summer is my season to relax and embrace the heat. When I’m at the beach or the pool, I want to let me skin breathe. I’ll be following this no-makeup makeup routine 😉
  5. 5. Have a Poolside Picnic | Hello summer date nights!! We love spending warm nights at home having a date night by the pool after our little one snoozes.
  6. 6. Take a Road Trip | This might be one of those things that sounds like a good idea until we’re two hours in with a whining toddler (LOL) buttttt we want to give it a shot — maybe somewhere close by like Santa Barbara.
  7. 7. Start my Summer Reading List | I’ve been hearing amazing things about this book and I feel like there’s never time to read these days, so hoping to squeeze a book in.
  8. 8. Find the Perfect Summer Hat | Because we all know my favorite skincare tip is to stay protected from the sun! I’m loving this one or this one.
  9. 9. Go Blueberry Picking | This one we’re hoping to do in Michigan — we did it last year and Ev thought it was the best day ever, so we’re planning to try again this year!
  10. 10. Host a (a few) BBQ’s | Summer is the happiest excuse to be with our friends on weeknights. I’ll also be making these yummy nutella s’mores for everyone!

Bikini Top: Tularosa | Bikini Bottom: Tularosa | Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Photos by Cibelle Levi