Mom and Dad in Cabo | Why We Traveled Solo

In case you missed our trip on Instagram 😉 we just got back from Cabo. The two of us. Just Jake and I. Without our tiniest wild angel babe… (cue the OMG’s).

This marked our second-ever time away without Ev together. The first time we did a parents getaway was a year ago, to Hawaii. It was a whole lot more emotional for me then, but this trip I felt less guilt and more of a readiness to go.

I thought I’d write a post on this, and  maybe inspire a mom and dad (or two, or three, or 100!!!) to prioritize a little solo time away. Trust me, it’s not something I take lightly, because obviously we prefer for one of us to always be home if the other is traveling. But once a year, we’ve promised each other to go away somewhere for a long weekend together.

For a few reasons — but more than anything (more than the relaxation, or the food, or a really amaze margarita), we do it for us. To go back to a moment in time when it was just the two of us, feeling like honeymooners, dreaming of alllll the life things we’d build together. Only now, as parents, it’s that much better, because we get to really reflect on the beautiful life we are building. Some of those honeymoon dreams are realities now. And it’s really meaningful to carve out time together that lasts longer than merely a date night, and think… WOW, we are doing life! We are doing it together. And at the core of all it — of our careers, of our son, of our house and friendships — is us.

As life becomes fuller, we tend to dismiss early parts of a relationship that once made us really fulfilled. Example: while on this trip, we did our workouts together every morning. It sounds like a small, simple thing. But we had forgotten how much we love that time together, motivating each other through our actions. You can imagine trying to do a workout together at home is a litttttle tricky when we are balancing different schedules and a toddler running around, but this trip encouraged us to try a little harder and to plan at least one workout together a week. Again, sounds simple. But it’s something we really love to do as a team.

So my point is this: at the root of a family, is the love that encouraged its creation. It’s important to nurture it, in the same way it’s important to nurture yourself individually. I always say — take care of YOU, take care of your relationship, take care of your family. Growth happens when you water your roots!

Here’s a photo diary of the trip (AKA, mostly photos of me in bathing suits because ya know, you can only ask the person serving you margaritas to take your picture together so many times)… 😉

wearing | Montce Swim One Piece

wearing | Jens Pirate Booty Set + M.Gemi Sandals + Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask and CC Me

wearing | Summersalt Bikini Top + Bottom

wearing | Missoni Bikini (similar) + Jet Lag Mask

wearing | Blue Life Bikini (Similar)

wearing | Rat and Boa Dress

wearing | Sablyn Dress + Tony Bianco Mules

P.S. How gorgeous is this hotel! We stayed at Las Ventanas.