Last Snapshots from St. Barths

I’m finally feeling settled again after our family trip to St. Barths. El Niño is currently taking over LA, so it [sort of] feels like there’s an ocean in my backyard right now.

Here are the last few snapshots from the trip, for a little sunshine on an otherwise-gloomy winter day. If you look closely, there’s a surprise for you [just casually living out my childhood Titanic dreams].

On the last day of the trip, I challenged myself to jump from the boat. I had already conquered the fear from a lower level, but had yet to jump from the top. I stood at the edge for hours until dark, too scared to make the leap. The adrenaline alone brought me to tears, and ultimately I was upset about not having enough courage. In telling the captain I was determined to try again on our next trip, he said this…

“If you see all the islands on your first trip, you have nothing to go back for. You always want something to come back for.”

Indeed, that’s what keeps the heart alive. My life is full of moments I’ll be ‘coming back for.’ Whether it’s a jump from the boat, a leap into trusting someone new, or a career move that will take days, months, or even years of preparation. Taking time to ‘make your jump’ doesn’t mean you failed. Rather, it means your mind will be eager to go back and try again when your heart is ready…

Greetings from St Barths

Dress: Revolve x NBD | Bikinis: Same Swim | One-Piece: Oye Swimwear

Photos by Alexa Gores, Aria Minucci and myself