Hometown Turned Happy Place

Happy Friday! I’m still in my hometown, indulging in time on Lake Michigan. Ever return to a place you used to take for granted, before realizing just how magical it is?! I feel that way about the town that built me. Holland is the prettiest town nestled right along the lake. It’s gone from my hometown to my happy place, and my soul completely feels at peace here.

I love sharing snapshots from here, because it’s such a hidden gem. Have you ever traveled along the western coast of Michigan? It belongs on your bucket list, I promise.Β The lake towns are charming, the people are kind, and the views are humbling. You will leave feeling grateful and rejuvenated.

Enjoy a few more photos from my trip here. We head back to reality this weekend…




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  • Aww I love Michigan!!!! My husband and I lived near there just for a year last year while he was in school and we both agree it is one of the most underrated places. We had NO idea how gorgeous it was. We spent our weekends checking out new beach towns and had a blast. We never made it to Holland in the summer but we did make it for Tulip Time!! It was right before we moved away and we both kicked ourselves for not going sooner because Holland was our favorite town we visited! The downtown is so charming, the lake is beautiful, and the beach looked like it would be so fun in the warm weather!

    And I totally feel you on the “hometown turned happy place” mindset. I grew up in Sonoma, California and never knew anything different so I completely took it for granted. I was so ready to get out and then was so confused why everyone was so enamored with Napa and Sonoma until I went back with fresh eyes. Every visit home puts me at ease, it’s totally my happy place now.

    Sorry for the novel…. hahaa.

    xo Mary-Katherine

    • Lauren Gores Ireland

      It really is a magical place!! I’m happy you got to experience it for a bit. I always say it’s one of America’s hidden gems! And agreed on the warm weather — it’s a MUCH better place to visit in the summertime πŸ˜‰

      In love with Sonoma as well. Such a perfect destination (wine, food, + some quiet time = happiness)!