A Malibu Proposal

A mere few hours spent in Malibu is enough to rejuvenate you for weeks. If you haven’t made a trip, I highly suggest it. Despite its ongoing growth, the oasis somehow retains its calmness— a trait rarely found in or around Los Angeles.

I have a lot of personal memories rooted in Malibu, because my family has a home on the beach. So, I was excited when a friend told me he planned to propose there. He and his fiancé flew in from Indiana last weekend— desperately needing a break from the long winter. Of course, I was more nervous about the proposal than he was! Men simply don’t think about logistics the same way women do. Example: the groom-to-be wanted my husband to toss the ring to him from  a balcony to the beach. I wouldn’t trust baseball’s best pitcher with that job. Not to worry, though— we came up with a better plan before having to buy a metal detector, and our friend managed to pull off a waterfront proposal without any hiccups. I had the honor of playing the not-so-discreet photographer all weekend. Enjoy a glimpse into all of the fun!