Use Your Damn China

Right now, I have precisely 62 pieces of overpriced china sitting in a glass cabinet. Once, my husband used one of those beautifully stacked plates for a Tuesday night dinner of canned chili. Canned chili on our overpriced china. I [calmly, of course] said our china is not for canned chili. Fast forward to a recent run-in with the woman who helped us register for all of this fancy hardware. She…. Read more

Life as a Wife: Aprons and Lingerie

I’m a newlywed. A blissfully happy newlywed. Of course, I could ramble on about how spectacular my wedding day was. But first— let’s start with life as a wife. To be honest, I have never dreamed of being a storybook wife. I used to think I’d be the last of my friends to marry. Turns out, I was one of the first. Still, my cookbooks collect dust. The ironing board has…. Read more