Mind Ready Monday: Make Your Passion a Profession

I’m coming down from a weekend high spent in the Windy City. There’s something about Chicago that makes me feel loved. It might be the deep dish pizza. Or the killer martinis. But I think it’s really the people. Chicagoans are so kind. I had the privilege of kicking off Simply Stylist’s fashion and beauty conference on Saturday. My job was to inspire attendees to begin turning their passions into…. Read more

Mind Ready Monday: Why be Successful?

There’s a lot of talk about “success” in my house right now— over how to define it, how to achieve it and how to keep it. I think it’s fair to say we all want success to be part of our story. I’m in the middle of quarterlife-ville; a point when my dreams are becoming bigger— both professionally and personally— yet the path to get there feels more complicated. My once carefully-penned goals…. Read more