Real Success Requires Change

Today is the start of the [official] new year. Meaning, carolers have all gone home. Holiday lights are down. Santa is snoozing for the next six months. And we’re all expected to be back at work. Except for those of you caught in snowpocalypse right now. Reality can be so rude sometimes. Success is best achieved through maintaining a constant willingness to evolve. It can be especially rude while staring at…. Read more

To Loving Mondays

My parents have always told me Monday should be my favorite day of the week. Yes, Monday. I used to wonder if some office they once worked at offered donuts on Mondays. Turns out, it wasn’t the donuts. Quite simply, they think loving Mondays is a sign you love your work. It’s a method I once used to confirm I didn’t love college calculus. The point: You should love your…. Read more

The Quarter-Life

People used to warn me about the so-called “quarter-life crisis.” Years ago, I thought it was a pathetic term used to describe those 20-somethings who couldn’t manage to get it together. And then I turned 25 and realized the quarter-life crisis very much exists. I was no longer daddy’s little girl. Yet, I wasn’t old enough to get an enormous amount of respect from grownup-ville. As I blew out candles…. Read more