When a Couple of Texans Win a Million-Dollar Wedding…

Love is in the air— the sweet, southern California air of Monarch Beach. That’s where a couple of Texans tied the knot over the weekend in a super glam, celebrity-style wedding, all courtesy of BRIDES. The whole event was broadcast LIVE, hosted by yours truly and The Insider’s Keltie Knight. A series of webisodes prior to the big day followed three couples vying to win this million-dollar wedding. It was all…. Read more

Garden Party Gone Glam

It’s almost the weekend, my friends— a long weekend, too! Perhaps today’s post will inspire you to throw a garden party. I wanted to share details from our post-wedding brunch. I’ve since used some of these ideas in my own backyard— but on a much smaller scale, of course! It doesn’t look quite as chic as this garden party, but it satisfies my Martha-Stewart-like-dreams. Enjoy the photos. Notes and links on how…. Read more