Travel Diary: The Last of Paris

Paris has a way of leaving happy imprints all over my heart and mind. I’m sharing the last of our Parisian photo diaries with you today, and that leaves me aching for another trip [and more croissants]. Everything sweet tastes even sweeter in Paris, particularly custard-filled pastries with chocolate and pistachio.  Every bite was well worth the few extra traveling pounds. We’d wander the streets, admiring the architecture and feeling inherently…. Read more

Travel Diary: Café + Croissants

Parisians know how to brew a strong cup of joe. Somehow, even black coffee tastes better than a vanilla latte ever would in America. I wish a French barista could serve me a hot cup every morning. Charming cafés line the streets of Paris, as if to remind us to take a break from a busy day. There are no drive-throughs or to-go cups. Instead, the city encourages you to…. Read more

Paris Doesn’t Play Beer Pong

I had this childhood dream of meeting my future husband in Paris. It would be by chance, of course, under the Eiffel Tower. Straight out of a romantic comedy.  In reality, I met my husband in an equally romantic way — at a college party that smelled of booze and bad cologne, starring my man playing a serious game of beer pong. If only Kate Hudson knew the role she could…. Read more