[His and Hers] Road Trip Essentials

Road trips are my favorite. That is, if they only last a few hours. Otherwise, I become antsy and upset with my husband for not knowing enough Britney Spears songs. Still, I’m a road trip junkie. Here are my mileage must-haves [his & hers style], that will make you feel good and look good. Links to browse and buy are below. P.S. I’ll be making a weekly habit out of…. Read more

How to Make the Most of Summer Vacation

Need a vacation? We all do. Time to relax, time to reflect, time to be [a little] irresponsible. But I always seem to return home needing another vacation to recover. Mostly because I try to do everything while traveling— see the sunrise, trek a mountain or two, snorkel, sightsee, sip on a poolside piña colada… the list goes on. Often times, my itinerary is so packed-full my “vacation” is not exactly restful. That…. Read more