Lake Life | Michigan Travel Diary

We are (finally!) back in our groove after taking a two-week trip to Michigan this month. What a crazy magical time to indulge in some lake life with our Evan Grey. It marked the first time I brought our boy to my hometown in Holland. He traveled like a champ and didn’t have a total breakdown on the flight, which I consider a major WIN. In those two weeks on…. Read more

Babymoon Bliss in Maui

Babymoon’s are bliss. Especially when they’re in Maui. Jake and I escaped together one last time, just the two of us, before baby Ireland arrives. We had gone back and forth on whether to go, because we had been traveling a lot for work and family trips. But I’m so happy we did, because it was truly one of the most beautiful experiences we’ve shared. Maybe it was the Maui…. Read more

Australia Travel Diary: Hamilton Island

Ready to wander away with me?? Because we’re going to Hamilton Island together… This is the last of my Australian travel diaries. Following some time in Sydney, Jake and I flew a few hours north, to Hamilton Island. It’s the only destination nearby by the Great Barrier Reef that you can fly directly into, and it’s home to a community that will immediately make you wish for a vacation home!…. Read more

Last Snapshots from St. Barths

I’m finally feeling settled again after our family trip to St. Barths. El Niño is currently taking over LA, so it [sort of] feels like there’s an ocean in my backyard right now. Here are the last few snapshots from the trip, for a little sunshine on an otherwise-gloomy winter day. If you look closely, there’s a surprise for you [just casually living out my childhood Titanic dreams]. On the last…. Read more

Sun Hats + Silhouettes in St. Barths

Happy Monday! I’m home from St. Barths this morning and back to work. I’m pretty certain the Caribbean is heartbroken without us. This trip was a reflective one. I spent a lot of time looking back on 2015, while making resolutions for the new year. On the top of my list is to be more aware. Aware of my surroundings, my feelings, my actions and my inactions. Aware of my…. Read more