Caramel Apple Popsicles

The only thing better than a caramel apple is… a caramel apple POPSICLE! Since Cali-land still feels like summertime, I wanted to pair ALL the fall feels with a cool twist on a traditional thanksgiving treat.  I teamed up with my favorite Chicago foodie, Caitlin Lee, on this post. Her site featured my ‘November Pops’ this month, and I think you’ll love them as a tasty snack this season. Below is…. Read more

Quick + Easy Thanksgiving Sweets

To be honest, I don’t typically cook on Thanksgiving. For starters, uncooked turkeys gross me out. Plus, I’m not exactly interested in knowing how many sticks of butter are really in my mashed potatoes. Ignorance is bliss. BUT, I do like to impress guests with simple Thanksgiving sweets: baked apples, baked pumpkin + chocolate-covered cranberries [my favorite]. These treats are DELISH and perfect for those of you who prefer to…. Read more

Pie and Popcorn Stations for Thanksgiving

Let’s talk pies and popcorn… because you’re going to want both at Thanksgiving dinner. The pie part is a given. Duh. So why not dedicate an entire table to pies?! That’s what we did at our housewarming party and our guests went gaga for it. No, I didn’t bake these myself… [sigh]. Have everyone bring their favorite flavor to Thanksgiving. Incorporate wood Crate & Barrel pie boxes, raw or painted pumpkins, fresh…. Read more