Three Ways to Eat Leftover Stuffing

You might feel 10 pounds heavier today. I do, too. But that’s no excuse to let your leftovers spoil. Read on for three ways to eat leftover stuffing— for breakfast, lunch + dinner. As always, these ideas are super simple. Even the non-chefs (ahem, me), should feel good about themselves. P.S. Stocking stuffer ideas are coming Monday (20 ideas for $20 or under) for ladies and gents. Breakfast stuffing omelette Prepare an…. Read more

The Gift I Want Isn’t In Stores This Year

It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving, which means two things: hundreds of online shopping deals are crowding my inbox right now. And, it’s the last day I’ll allow myself to indulge in yet another piece of leftover pumpkin pie. Admittedly, it was over a Saturday slice of pie that got me thinking about working out. How many miles would it take for me to run off three days of overeating? That…. Read more