Summer Ready: Target Pool Essentials

Sweet, sweet summertime is here — which means you’ll find me HERE, floating on a pink flamingo that makes for a pretty adorable Instagram moment. Thanks, Target.  From bikinis, to beach towels, to bags and snack bowls, Target is about to make your summer soul a little happier. I wanted to share my favorites with you again this year, because the store is carrying designer-like pieces that are affordable and on-trend….. Read more

The Lyst: Target Favorites for Summer

Ever walk into Target to buy a $5 lipgloss and walk out $200 later??? That’s me. Every time. All the time. Seriously, how does Target manage to destroy our self-control? Maybe it’s because the place has everything — detergent, PJ’s, cereal, socks, bikinis, fedoras… [+ probably a prom dress or two]. Per usual, my recent trip started with the intention of buying hairspray. Roughly 20 minutes later, I walked out with…. Read more