Use Your Damn China

Right now, I have precisely 62 pieces of overpriced china sitting in a glass cabinet. Once, my husband used one of those beautifully stacked plates for a Tuesday night dinner of canned chili. Canned chili on our overpriced china. I [calmly, of course] said our china is not for canned chili. Fast forward to a recent run-in with the woman who helped us register for all of this fancy hardware. She…. Read more

It Only Takes One to Place a Bet

It’s Monday! Happy start-of-the-week. I’m writing to you from my hometown in Michigan today. It feels like the arctic, but the snowfall is peaceful. Pictures to come later this week. This follows a weekend spent in Missouri for a friend’s wedding. Missouri is a special spot for me, because it’s where I took my first anchoring gig post-college. I spent three years in Columbia— a relatively small college town sandwiched between…. Read more

Achieving Success from Second Place

Perhaps we’re all born with an innate desire to win. To be the best at something— anything— so we can feel a sense of personal validation. I spent a large part of my childhood in second place. Sure, I had a lot of talents, but I was rarely the best. Someone had a better test score or a faster mile time. A higher GPA or a longer list of philanthropic efforts. More…. Read more