Weekend Getaway: Road Trippin’

Let’s talk weekend getaways — because after reading this you’ll be running to the road. Grab your bests + hop in the car for a quick trip. It won’t cost you anything [except gas], it requires zero planning, and you can sing really freaking loud. Here’s how to do a road trip the right way: Dress comfortably. Think denim, rompers, sunnies + swimsuits. Stop along the way [waterside, mountainside, or…. Read more

Staycation 101

I love to travel. The sights, the food, the people… perhaps a mojito (or two) on the beach. Vacation is good for the soul. But, traveling is also time-consuming, costly and requires a lot of prep work. Flights, hotels, laundry, dog sitter, etc. etc. etc. Plus, we’re in full-blown wedding season right now— which means there are no vacation days to spare. This is why you need a staycation. There’s no…. Read more