My Mama Must-Haves | Traveling Baby

I get some serious panic feels while trying to leave the house with Ev somedays. Babies require SO. MUCH. STUFF. Do I have milk? Pacifiers? Backup pacifiers (god forbid I cannot find the paci). Chewing toys? Noise machine? The stroller?? OMG did I pack diapers??? And what about when he has a meltdown in the backseat?? Are you panicked yet?  A traveling baby requires us mamas to plan ahead and be super…. Read more

We Should Stop Deadlining Our Dreams

You know when it’s just not your day? Missed the alarm. Spilled coffee down the shirt. Congratulated someone who’s not pregnant. That sort of day. After a series of frustrating slip-ups this week, a little time at the nail salon seemed like a good solution. But instead, my mini-pampering session brought me to tears— and not because of the paint color. Let me explain. I’ve spent much of the past few…. Read more