The Lyst: Target Favorites for Summer

Ever walk into Target to buy a $5 lipgloss and walk out $200 later??? That’s me. Every time. All the time. Seriously, how does Target manage to destroy our self-control? Maybe it’s because the place has everything — detergent, PJ’s, cereal, socks, bikinis, fedoras… [+ probably a prom dress or two]. Per usual, my recent trip started with the intention of buying hairspray. Roughly 20 minutes later, I walked out with…. Read more

Set a Festive Snacks Table on the Fourth

It’s almost the Fourth of July! What’s better than celebrating the best country in the world in the middle of summertime?! Watch the video below for five super simple, super inexpensive ways to spice up your snacks table. I found most décor items from Target’s holiday aisle, including the festive buckets (only $1 each!). I’m no Martha Stewart, but I love entertaining, so I’ve learned a lot of quick tricks. I’ll…. Read more