Signature Scent: The Best Perfumes

Do you have a signature scent? I never used to — until around this time last year, when I fell in love with this lightweight vanilla perfume. It was heavenly, and I enjoyed the feeling of wearing something so personal. Everyone around me quickly grew to love it, too. The scent was sweet, happy and hopeful all at once. If you’re looking for your signature scent as we step into…. Read more

Lusting Over Little Things

I’ll often find myself lusting over life’s littlest luxuries. Perhaps an old love letter, my morning coffee or a set of clean sheets. I’m also one to indulge in [too many] small purchases—  like stationery, succulents and monogrammed mugs. On a bad day, these things can go a long ways. What are some of your littlest luxuries? These items have me swooning, smiling and smelling sweet… I  am swooning over everything…. Read more