Mind Ready Monday: Look Around, Someone Needs You

I do a lot of running. From my house to the car. From my car to the doctor’s office. From the doctor’s office to the store. I like to obnoxiously speed walk from one place to the next. I’ve said before, though, it’s easy to miss things when we’re running too quickly. A friend’s new haircut. The updated paint job in your office. The barista’s name who takes your order…. Read more

Remain Present in a Tech-Obsessed World

Happy Monday! I wanted to share a recent article with you I wrote for The Chalkboard Mag— my favorite place for anything health and wellness related. This latest article is all about remaining present in a society obsessed with tech. I’m incredibly guilty of checking my phone in bed, stalking a stranger’s Instagram account and tweeting mid-conversation. I need to stop. Based on my own bad habits, I drafted a list of quick…. Read more