Rainy Day Chic

I can’t say I’ve ever looked super chic on a day that it’s pouring outside. Think wet hair, a broken umbrella and running mascara. Not exactly chic.  With El Niño taking over LA, I’m trying to manage my look-good-in-the-rain vibez. Hence, my excuse for buying this hooded raincoat and adorable [working] umbrella a few weeks ago. Here are my favorite rainy-day essentials. May you feel forever chic even in a torrential downpour……. Read more

Prepping for the Rain

LA’s version of a snowstorm is a few inches of rain. The city stops, people stay home, and Instagram turns into a weather diary. It’s a little nutso. I do get excited about wearing my rain boots. Especially when they’re a colorful pair by Hunter. I know some of you are still cursing out winter. So, let’s take your mind off snow banks and sub-zero temps by prepping for spring. Here’s a…. Read more