Let Go of Self-Doubt

Everyone has an opinion. On the type of relationship you have. The career you’re going after. The person you are becoming. Most of those opinions carry weight. Not because we want them to— but because we allow them to. During a point when I was debating whether to switch job paths, I listened to experts in every career field I ever thought about going in. Some suggested I go back to…. Read more

Mind Ready Monday: Life is Long

Welcome to part two of Mind Ready Monday: a weekly write up meant to boost your mindset. This week’s mantra doesn’t make a whole lot of sense on the surface. Life is long?! Typically, we can all agree life is short— time is flying, and that terrifies me. For the sake of our sanity, however, let’s look at things from another perspective for a minute: life is long. It’s something my…. Read more

The Quarter-Life

People used to warn me about the so-called “quarter-life crisis.” Years ago, I thought it was a pathetic term used to describe those 20-somethings who couldn’t manage to get it together. And then I turned 25 and realized the quarter-life crisis very much exists. I was no longer daddy’s little girl. Yet, I wasn’t old enough to get an enormous amount of respect from grownup-ville. As I blew out candles…. Read more