Springtime Sips

Happy Earth Day! I hope you’re all taking especially good care of our planet today [and everyday, duh]! Let’s celebrate with a cocktail, shall we? Juice fans, today is your day. I’m giving you a few of my favorite springtime sip recipes — each mixed with a different Pressed Juicery flavor. These drinks are super refreshing and have just the right amount of kick to them. Plus, I feel like…. Read more

How to Make the Most of Summer Vacation

Need a vacation? We all do. Time to relax, time to reflect, time to be [a little] irresponsible. But I always seem to return home needing another vacation to recover. Mostly because I try to do everything while traveling— see the sunrise, trek a mountain or two, snorkel, sightsee, sip on a poolside piña colada… the list goes on. Often times, my itinerary is so packed-full my “vacation” is not exactly restful. That…. Read more

Beach Bag Must-Haves [His and Hers]

I’m a beach queen. I love the sand, the sun, even the seaweed. I have more freckles because of it. But really, who doesn’t love freckles?!  In the spirit of summertime, I’m sharing my beach bag must-haves— for both ladies and gents! Descriptions and links to purchase the items are listed below. Browse & Buy… STYLE: Target Dress ($18) SAVE Khaki Tee ($40) Goorin Bros Floppy Hat ($66) Pistons Hat ($20)…. Read more