Travel Diary: The Last of Paris

Paris has a way of leaving happy imprints all over my heart and mind. I’m sharing the last of our Parisian photo diaries with you today, and that leaves me aching for another trip [and more croissants]. Everything sweet tastes even sweeter in Paris, particularly custard-filled pastries with chocolate and pistachio.  Every bite was well worth the few extra traveling pounds. We’d wander the streets, admiring the architecture and feeling inherently…. Read more

Travel Diary: Parisian Flower Crowns

Happy Monday, beauties. I hope you’re excited to take on the week. Let’s swoon over Parisian peonies + feminine flower crowns. Writing this travel diary is making me ache for Paris! The city is lined with the most charming flower marts that brighten every block. We were wandering the streets looking for a special place to snap some photos, when we found a corner shop stacked with springtime blooms. There were peonies on…. Read more

Travel Diary: Café + Croissants

Parisians know how to brew a strong cup of joe. Somehow, even black coffee tastes better than a vanilla latte ever would in America. I wish a French barista could serve me a hot cup every morning. Charming cafés line the streets of Paris, as if to remind us to take a break from a busy day. There are no drive-throughs or to-go cups. Instead, the city encourages you to…. Read more

Travel Diary: A Peek Into Paris

Paris feels like a home away from home. One that’s full of magic, of fantasy, of love. One that’s rooted in history, in experience, in feelings. This marked Jake’s first trip there. Unsurprisingly, he fell in love with the architecture, the crepes + the stories behind the city… [I’d also like to think he loved the romance of it all]. We ate dinner overlooking the Eiffel Tower, strolled cobblestone streets,…. Read more

Packing for Paris

Happy weekend! I’ve now been eating chocolate croissants and Nutella crepes for a full week now… #cantstopwontstop. Parisians take all the calories out. Prior to leaving for Paris, some of you asked for a peek into how to pack light yet stylishly. The key is packing outfits that can transition from day to night. Swap out bags, shoes, coats + jewelry to make your day outfits feel different for dinner time….. Read more