Drape Your Table in Winter White + Gold

There’s something so beautiful about winter white. It’s soft, subtle and striking all at once. Perfect for a holiday table. White really pops when combined with hints of gold and silver. Plus, it’s fitting for both Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations. Try adding metallic hues through vases, centerpieces and festive accessories like pinecones and tealight candles. You can also have fun with rock candy and evergreen branches. My favorite part of this…. Read more

Summertime Soirée

I hope you’ve now fully recovered from the holiday weekend. If not, Friday is just two days away. Here are a series of my favorite photos from a festive Malibu party the night before the Fourth of July. My family has made a habit of stretching out every holiday (we’re super fun). I hope these pics encourage you to plan that summer party of yours! Remember, celebrations should happen often. After…. Read more