Out of the Office

I used to [humorously] judge people who brought their work to coffee houses. Did they really have work to do, or did they just want to make the rest of us feel guilty for not bringing our work with us? Except now I’ve turned into one of those “work over coffee” girls. Turns out, it’s a good alternative to my office on days I need a change of scenery (+…. Read more

Going Glam from Front to Back

There are few pieces in my closet that make me feel ultra-glam from both the front and back, but this silky number is one of them. Or, I should say two of them, because it’s a skirt and top combo that’s feminine and effortless. The draping is romantic yet edgy, and it makes me feel like I belong in Paris. Although, I always think I belong in Paris, don’t you? Maybe…. Read more

Cool, Casual and Chic From Your Closet

I’m guilty of shopping too often. I know it. My credit card knows it. My closet knows it. So, I’ve been making an effort to pull from pieces I already own, and create new outfit combos. It’s daunting at first (maybe pour yourself a glass of wine)… but so worth it. Here’s one way to pair a casual denim top with a leather skirt. This look can work multiple ways—…. Read more