The One Piece Edit

Little Evan just turned 13 months old, which means our Summer forecast is sunny with a major chance of chasing our curious little boy around! We plan on being beach bound for a good portion of the Summer, between Malibu and my hometown on the lake in Michigan. I am currently stocking up on one piece swim suits, the best way to be comfy and cute while running after Ev!…. Read more

Shop My Look: Black One Piece Swim Suit

Am I in denial that summer is nearly over?? I think it should stay awhile longer… (because truly, I want more excuses to wear this black one piece)! SO MANY of you have asked about this suit. I bought it at the start of summertime, wanting something that I could wear comfortably while still nursing… (FYI, the girls kept growing to feed my boy, so a triangle top just wasn’t…. Read more