Creating Weekend Bliss

Bliss is when magic meets happiness and hope. It’s when the noise quiets. It’s when every ounce of your being feels grateful and satisfied and at peace. Bliss is that moment the world understands your heart. I try to carry bliss with me and recreate it when it leaves. Recreate your bliss this weekend. Wander off to a happy place. Sit in a corner of the world that feels like…. Read more

Finding Your Way to Feeling Worthy

I always want to know where I’m going. In my career. In my relationship. In my dreams. But there are certainly days I feel lost within my own journey. A journey I created, I built, I wandered through. Ever feel this way? Maybe it’s something in the stars. Or the clouds. Or in that martini we had. But mostly, I think it’s something in all of us. We all feel lost…. Read more

Coffee, Candy + Ice Cream in Carmel

I’m kicking off Monday on a sugar high. That high is from my weekend spent in northern California. I’m pretty sure I cleaned out downtown Carmel of its coffee, candies + ice cream. I made the trip up north during the famous car shows — specifically, the Concours d’ Elegance at Pebble Beach. It was oh-so-fancy and reminded me a lot of the Kentucky Derby [minus the horses]. It’s northern…. Read more

Travel Diary: From the Top of Wine Country

There’s something about Napa that’s serene, rustic and romantic. Maybe it’s the stillness of the vineyards. Maybe it’s the northern air. Or, maybe it’s just all the wine you’re served. Regardless, it’s becoming a favorite destination spot for Jake and I, especially because we can do it in a weekend. We did a series of tastings at different wineries. Below are photos from our trip. I included a few details…. Read more