Life as a Wife: Pass the Wine, Please

My wedding was more than a year ago. I’m still writing thank you notes [insert cuss word here]. I’m still wondering why I need a bread maker. There’s already a killer carbs section at Whole Foods. And I’m still convinced wine is enough to mask my less-than-spectacular cooking skills. A good decanter is a great investment. I recently learned you can’t make a grilled cheese in the microwave. Or whip…. Read more

Life as a Wife: One Year Later

Happy Monday! It’s a celebratory week, because it marks one year since I strutted down the aisle to see my groom. Our official anniversary is not until Sunday. In true newlywed fashion, though, we’ll be celebrating all week— wine, dinner, flowers (hopefully my husband is reading this). Year one included a lot of “firsts” for us. One— we moved in together. In fact, we hadn’t even lived in the same state until five…. Read more

We’re Big Kids Now

There’s a part of me that never wants to grow up. My inner child is both stubborn and resilient. She likes SpaghettiOs for dinner and milk-soaked Oreos for dessert. Perhaps that little girl in me is why I’ve been unexpectedly nervous about a big change happening this week. My husband and I are moving from a one-bedroom condo to a more-than-one-bedroom house. This move, in some strange way, confirms I…. Read more