Mind Ready Monday: Refocus Your Outlook

Sometimes, I’m guilty of spinning positivity into negativity. I’m sure you are, too. Here’s an example: you’re preparing for a vacation. But as it approaches, you complain there are too many errands to run, too many emails to prepare, too much laundry to do… the list goes on. Soon, your vacation prep spins you into a total breakdown [#cuethecrazy]. Another example: you get promoted. Happy dance! But then, reality sets…. Read more

Juicing Can’t Clean Closets

You’ve probably heard of the cleanse trend. Juicing for a day. A few days. Or, if you’re daring enough, a week. I hope you like kale. It’s too bad a spinach and apple smoothie won’t clean out my closet. Or my car. Or my underwear drawer. Maybe I need a new juicer. Which brings me to my next point: we should all be doing a little more life cleansing. Make…. Read more