Crystalize Your Morning Routine

Ever want to add a little inspiration to your sluggish mornings? Sometimes, there just isn’t enough coffee in the world. BUT, there are ways to crystalize your morning routine. The power of positivity is everything, so why not boost what we’re already doing with some good energy? Through chatting with the team over at Energy Muse, I learned there were a handful of simple, yet impactful ways to surround my schedule with…. Read more

Wake Up: 5 Ways to Boost Your Morning Energy

Goooooood morning! It’s Monday and I know the struggle is REAL. So, let’s talk ways to boost your mood + energy every morning. I’ve posted about my morning routine before, but I have a few new habits that I wanted to share ahead of summertime. A lot of you have emailed asking for quick tricks to feel more energized. Here are five ways for feeling more awake in just 15…. Read more