Hometown Turned Happy Place

Happy Friday! I’m still in my hometown, indulging in time on Lake Michigan. Ever return to a place you used to take for granted, before realizing just how magical it is?! I feel that way about the town that built me. Holland is the prettiest town nestled right along the lake. It’s gone from my hometown to my happy place, and my soul completely feels at peace here. I love…. Read more

Dipping into Lake Michigan

What a weekend! My bestie got married at my family lake house in Michigan and it was magical… (I’ll continue sharing photos on Instagram). I love being back in my hometown with so many people I love. Home is always home. No matter how much time passes. Jake and I are turning the lake house into an office this week, so we can spend some more time on the water….. Read more

Travel Diary: Magic Hour on the Lake

Lake Michigan is its most beautiful during what I call the magic hour. The sun just begins to set over the horizon, creating crystals on the water and artwork in the sky. Everything glows. It looks like Heaven. My family and I are loving every moment here. Life is slower and our hearts are fuller. Our cheeks hurt from laughing, and our arms hurt from [attempting] to wake surf. I’d like…. Read more