Travel Diary: Documenting the Mediterranean

I think the Mediterranean and I could spend a lifetime together. Except I would get nothing done. My brain is on hiatus right now. This part of the world is certainly among my favorites. The people are kind, the gelato is sweet and the sea is refreshingly salty. My husband and I have been traveling the Italian coast by boat with family and friends. I already shared how beautiful parts of…. Read more

Mind Ready Monday: Reflecting from the Mediterranean

Happy Monday, my friends. I’m writing to you from the Mediterranean today. The air is calm, the people are kind and I may never leave. This trip follows New York Fashion Week, where I scanned the runways for unexpected wedding looks. Here’s a look at the article I wrote for Harper’s Bazzaar. I’ve still got more photos and outfits to share with you from Fashion Week, but for now, here’s…. Read more