Working the Bump: Pre-Natal Yoga

I tried pre-natal yoga for the first time last week, and let’s just say… I’m going to need a lot more sessions pre-due date. My attempt to stretch and move and BREATHE wasn’t stellar at seven months pregnant. Fortunately, I still have time to prep for the big day. Instructor Chelsea Rothert is a pregnancy pro. She patiently guided me through yoga positions I can do from home… (PS. these are…. Read more

Turn Date Night into Couples Yoga

Here’s a hump day challenge for you: convince your significant other to turn date night into a couples yoga session… [you can place the blame me]. C’mon, guys. Take one for the team. It took a liiiittle convincing to get my Indiana-bred-non-yoga-husband to get zen with me. But now, I’d like to think he’s hooked. What started off as a silly date idea turned into something more mindful and challenging. It…. Read more

Feeling Lost? Me too. Take a Moment.

There are days my heart really aches for the midwest. I miss the simplicity of it all, the generous land and the infinite number of parking spots. I (admittedly) even miss the small town gossip, the snowstorms and the grocer who used to watch me on the local news. Don’t get me wrong—  the near 365 days of sunshine and LA’s towering palm trees are luxuries. But it’s taken me…. Read more