Lu’s Favorite Nude Nail Polishes

Spring + summer = wedding season! Which also means we all need a good manicure. Some of you have asked for my go-to polishes, so I wanted to share my favorites. I almost always do some shade of nude, because it’s easy and feminine. Plus, I’m terribly clumsy, and nude polishes make chipped nails less noticeable! Here are a handful of my favorites across different brands. I especially love anything ESSIE creates,…. Read more

Pucker Up: Find The Best Red Lipstick

Pucker up, beauties! We’re talking red lips today. Team Lauren’s Lyst did some very serious research. We tested drugstore-bought lipsticks in different shades of red. Why? Because after attempting to rock red lips like Gwen Stefani, I [frightfully] realized pulling it off is harder than it looks. It’s tough to apply evenly, and even tougher to take off. A few tips…  Apply balm prior to lipstick to avoid peeling and…. Read more