How to: Healthy Nutty Fudge

Healthy fudge?! YEP! I’m sharing a nutty ‘fudge’ recipe that’s guilt-free and simple to prepare. This is my take on a treat my nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque, recommended to me several months ago… [I’m a chocoholic and have the inability to turn down sweets]. So, I started making this health-friendly fudge, and putting my spin on it! WATCH the video below for how to do this no-bake recipe yourself! Tip |…. Read more

Dressing Up Flannel

Let’s just call today Flannel Friday. Because flannel is having a moment. I never thought I’d be one to rock a checkered anything on a night out, mostly because the midwest girl in me still associates the pattern with something outdoorsy. But when you pair a flannel with leather skinnies and stilettos, there’s nothing outdoorsy about it. You can apply this to a lot of your comfiest closet staples. Wear them…. Read more

Looking Back on 2014

Happy last day of 2014! I hope you’re celebrating, whether it’s from your couch or a club. This year gifted me a lot of new experiences, from moving into my first home as a wife, to hosting a wedding show, to jetting out to New York Fashion Week. My favorite part has been sharing it all with you. I’ve always been deeply private, but here, you make me feel eager…. Read more

Get out the Balloons— Lauren’s Lyst is One!

This site is one year old today. Naturally, I decided to have a photoshoot with confetti and balloons and sparkly party shoes. #partyofone. Thank you. Thank you for reading. Thank you for staying. Thank you for sharing. You’ve helped me create my happy place. Lauren’s Lyst used to look very different, and I initially had no plans of expanding it. I just wanted to write— about my highs as a newlywed and my lows as…. Read more

Spiced Cider for Fall

Perhaps what I love most about fall is its flavor. The flavor of the air, the food, the drinks. Whenever I want my home to smell like fall, I’ll boil cinnamon sticks. If I’m feeling especially domestic, I’ll take it a step further and make apple cider. I was initially inspired by this recipe, and have since put my own spin on it. It’s easy to prepare, and even better to…. Read more