A Letter to my Future Baby

For months now, I’ve been collecting thoughts to share with my growing baby. Every ultrasound, every belly kick, and every ache and pain beautifully reminds me of this little human my body is creating. I find myself sitting up at night, writing down love notes and life lessons I want the baby to know. My thoughts had been scattered everywhere — on ripped notepads all over the house, and in…. Read more

DIY Cocoa Body Butter Cream

Okay, ladies… get ready to lather yourself up in cocoa body butter! This DIY recipe has become a favorite during pregnancy. But you better believe I’ll be making it looooong after the babe arrives. It makes my skin feel crazy SMOOTH! I teamed up with The Chalkboard Mag to share this body butter DIY. Every ingredient comes from your kitchen, and you could basically eat this stuff. Though I personally think you…. Read more