Mind Ready Monday: Don’t Be Too Busy

I often find myself too busy. Too busy for a coffee date. Too busy for a doctor’s checkup. Too busy to tuck my niece in at night. There’s nothing admirable about being too busy. I don’t want to spend my life feeling like I never have enough time. That’s exhausting. Anyone with me on this? I think part of the problem is we’re all groomed to think busy is good. Even…. Read more

Mind Ready Monday: Gift Your Time

Often times, I’m running too fast. From home to work. From work to errands. From errands to dinner. I imagine you’re running, too. We’re all running. Life is a lot of work. But I want us to challenge each other this week. Let’s slow down in the midst of December’s chaos to look around. Look toward your coworkers. Your neighbors. Your family. Look toward your grocer. Your bank teller. Your…. Read more

Home is Where the Checklist is

I’m home. It’s comforting, calm and chaotic all at once. I ventured from Missouri to New York to the Mediterranean for a mix of work and play. I’m now tackling a giant checklist: emails that require responses, laundry that requires labor, meetings that require my time. It makes me feel like I need 10 assistants. As a girl who likes to be in control, this checklist is not my BFF. Not…. Read more

Mind Ready Monday: Own Your Outlook

Happy Monday, my  friends. I have a love/hate relationship with this day. I love knowing there’s a full week ahead (to kick butt at life, obviously). But I hate the inevitable post-weekend sluggishness. [Sigh]. Let’s make today all. about. YOU. Here’s a quote from author Danielle LaPorte, which reads, “Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?” There are times I’ve changed my outfit,…. Read more