Mind Ready Monday: Imperfect Miracles

I believe in miracles. Even the imperfect kind. I’ve spent the past few days sprinkling a whole lot of miracle dust everywhere— hoping, praying and pulling for a little one close to my heart. Heartache is often times unexpected and unfair. It prompts us to question ourselves and our faith. That’s when we hope for a miracle. Sometimes, miracles happen just the way we’ve dreamed of. Other times, they happen unexpectedly— through…. Read more

Home is Where the Checklist is

I’m home. It’s comforting, calm and chaotic all at once. I ventured from Missouri to New York to the Mediterranean for a mix of work and play. I’m now tackling a giant checklist: emails that require responses, laundry that requires labor, meetings that require my time. It makes me feel like I need 10 assistants. As a girl who likes to be in control, this checklist is not my BFF. Not…. Read more

A Miraculous Life

Today is my grandmother’s birthday. She’s 85. Her story is worth telling because it’s far from ordinary. She was raised in Lebanon and later married in Israel.  My grandparents had six kids, all of whom were born in Nazareth.  They wanted their children to prosper in the States. So, with just $200, the family settled in Flint, MI. Despite a lack of finances, they pushed their kids to attend college,…. Read more

Mind Ready Monday: Refocus Your Outlook

Sometimes, I’m guilty of spinning positivity into negativity. I’m sure you are, too. Here’s an example: you’re preparing for a vacation. But as it approaches, you complain there are too many errands to run, too many emails to prepare, too much laundry to do… the list goes on. Soon, your vacation prep spins you into a total breakdown [#cuethecrazy]. Another example: you get promoted. Happy dance! But then, reality sets…. Read more

Fly Away With Me

Happiness is freedom.  I learned that as a child, and it’s proven true as an adult. Robin Williams helped teach me that lesson. I was five when I first watched him as Peter Pan in Hook. In the film, he reminds us, “All you have to do is think one happy thought, and you’ll fly like me.” Indeed, happiness lets you fly. Perhaps not just like Peter Pan. I learned that…. Read more