Lu’s Mama Diaries | Evan Grey at Four Months

My boy is four months! Time has never felt more fleeting that it does as a new mother. I am trying ever so desperately to hang onto the feels, the smells, and the euphoric joys of new motherhood. There’s something about nurturing a new life that is so pure. Life is beautiful through the eyes of such joy and innocence, and I am infinitely grateful to see this world over…. Read more

Bliss + Breakdowns | First Weeks of Motherhood

My boy is a MONTH! A part of me already cannot imagine life before him. And yet, another part of me is still transitioning away from the freedom that once was. Motherhood is selflessness in every sense, and I am forever changed. I am learning the love for a child is limitless and knows no bounds. I am learning how to give up parts of myself for him, while still hanging…. Read more

My Boy’s Name | The Meaning Behind Evan Grey

Choosing a name for our little man didn’t come easy for Jake and I. We had lists and lists of possibilities before the big day. But we couldn’t settle on a decision prior to meeting him. Perhaps it’s because we didn’t know whether we were having a boy or a girl, so we never felt super connected to a specific moniker. We took a good nine hours after Evan arrived…. Read more