Festive Holiday Gift Wrapping

Disclaimer: you might want to put on a little Mariah Carry before reading… … because this post is all about gift wrapping [which will drive you insane without music and spiked hot cocoa]. To be honest, my procrastination skills mean every box you see in these photos is actually empty. Empty. I need to start taking my own advice and shop EARLY. For those of you who are more responsible…. Read more

Wrap it Up Without Stressing

The only part about the holidays I dislike is gift wrapping. Mostly because I wait too long to do it, which lands me in a pool of glittery tears the night before Christmas. Still, I appreciate a well-wrapped gift. I’ve learned my less-than-stellar wrapping skills can be saved by topping boxes with festive accessories (think pinecones, evergreen, burlap and berries). They mask ugly corners and botched tape jobs. Other helpful…. Read more