Resolutions Ritual: Get What You Want

Let’s be honest: resolutions don’t always turn into realities. My new year’s goals list can feel pretty ambitious come January 2nd… (who wants to actually start juicing kale the day after you’ve downed champagne)?! We could all use help. I worked alongside Energy Muse again on the power of incorporating crystals into an otherwise-repetitive routine. Set your 2017 intentions with clear quartz — the stone of manifestation. It’s believed quartz…. Read more

Crystalize Your Morning Routine

Ever want to add a little inspiration to your sluggish mornings? Sometimes, there just isn’t enough coffee in the world. BUT, there are ways to crystalize your morning routine. The power of positivity is everything, so why not boost what we’re already doing with some good energy? Through chatting with the team over at Energy Muse, I learned there were a handful of simple, yet impactful ways to surround my schedule with…. Read more