Mind Ready Monday: Twirl into Today

The next job. The next house. The next vacation. I consume myself with whatever’s coming next in life. I think most of us are groomed to worry about tomorrow, and the next day… and the next 10 years. Pinterest recently provided me with a little sanity. Well, it was Emily Dickinson… via Pinterest. A few famous words of hers appeared on my screen reading, “forever is composed of nows.” Tomorrow…. Read more

Remain Present in a Tech-Obsessed World

Happy Monday! I wanted to share a recent article with you I wrote for The Chalkboard Mag— my favorite place for anything health and wellness related. This latest article is all about remaining present in a society obsessed with tech. I’m incredibly guilty of checking my phone in bed, stalking a stranger’s Instagram account and tweeting mid-conversation. I need to stop. Based on my own bad habits, I drafted a list of quick…. Read more

Remain Present in Your Pursuit of Happiness

A common goal is shared among all of us: to feel accomplished, loved, joyful and present each day. Whether you’re a dreamer, a realist or a rare combination of both, the quest for happiness can often feel like an ongoing endeavor. Even after accomplishing one dream, we rush to the next one on our list. For several months now, I’ve been doing a lot of “searching” in an effort to…. Read more

Wake Up Your Senses This Week

My typical routine kicked off at precisely 6:23 this morning. That’s when the alarm always goes off. I had the same peanut butter toast for breakfast. The same cup of coffee. The same drive into work. Routine curbs the unexpected and makes us feel like we’re in control. Now think of your daily routine. Your wakeup time. Your daily commute. The people you see, the objects you touch, the recipes…. Read more