Sip on this Oscar-Worthy Cocktail

“… and the Oscar goes to… THIS GLASS OF BUBBLY!” Seriously, though, this sparkly-rimmed champagne is making my heart happy. It’s the perfect drink to sip and serve on Oscars night. The glass even looks like an academy award. Here’s how to create it… Coat the full top rim of your glass with lemon juice using a small wedge. Pour a few tablespoons of gold sugar on a small plate….. Read more

Sips + Games for Oscars Night

Happy Oscars weekend! I love the glitz and glam surrounding the Academy Awards. I also love a good cocktail and a celebratory game to play from home. With me on this? You’re in luck… Click HERE to download a custom Oscars ballot. To play, everyone needs to checkmark their top picks prior to the event. Each section is worth a varying number of points. Tally scores at the end. To make your…. Read more