How to Eat Healthy While Traveling

YAY, it’s the weekend and I’m finally back home. New York Fashion Week was a beautiful whirlwind (that so kindly left me with dark under eyes this weekend). Another NYC diary is coming Monday, but first I wanted to write about the FOOD. So many of you have asked for tips and tricks for eating healthy on the go. If you follow along on Instagram or Snapchat, you know I’m…. Read more

7 Ways to Make Mornings Healthier

Mornings have the power to make or break my day. Meaning, I can very quickly turn into Grumpy Cat if my coffee isn’t strong enough. Beyond an early cup of joe, I have seven habits that ensure I have a health-[ier] day — both mentally and physically — with help from my nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque… 1. Skip Your Phone | Avoid your phone until after you’ve had some personal time….. Read more

Homemade Healthy Chips + Guacamole

Considering it’s been football-watching season at my house for what seems like FOREVER, I’ve been eating a lot of game-day snacks. Specifically — chips & guacamole. As much as I love salty, store-bought chips and a bowl of hearty guac, it’s not worth the calories [I save them for chocolate, duh]. So, I started to make my own version that even my unhealthy-dude friends now appreciate. Here’s how to give…. Read more