The Next Time You’re Running…

I adore those moments when I unexpectedly come across something that inspires me. Hence, the photo below— a bench engraved with the words, “Celebrate Every Day.” A simple, yet important reminder I spotted while spending some time in Newport Beach. Sometimes, I find myself running from one thing to the next— from work, to errands, to family dinners, etc.— when I don’t really need to be in such a rush. Sure, we’re…. Read more

Welcome to 2014: Let’s Keep Celebrating

Happy 2014! I hope you enjoyed your New Years celebrations. You’ve had a day to rest. Now, it’s time to get serious. Okay, maybe not too serious. After all, it’s nearly Friday. Which brings me to my first point about the new year— celebration! The glitz and glam of New Years Eve may be over, but it’s important we continue to cheer our way through 2014. Too often, we forget to…. Read more