Mind Ready Monday: Sprinkling Sunshine

Today is worth celebrating. Not because it’s a particularly special date. It’s not a holiday. Or a birthday. Or the day Beyonce drops a new album [sigh]. But it’s happening now, and you’re a part of it. Celebrate with unnecessary laughter. Celebrate with a grateful heart. Celebrate with forgiveness and openness and kindness. With adventure and passion and hard work. Sprinkle your life with sunshine, even on its darkest days.”…. Read more

Clarity and Chaos in NYC

My body is still trying to warm up post-NYC. Apparently, my Michigan-bred blood has already [and pathetically] thinned to an LA-sort-of-level. Thin blood aside, New York woke me up. To new sounds, new ideas, new dreams. There’s something about the Big Apple that requires me to grow up. Perhaps it’s because the city leaves me no choice but to identify clarity somewhere within chaos; mindfulness within madness; peace within prolonged…. Read more

Gift Yourself a Box of Happiness

Happy Monday. I’m on a plane en route to the Big Apple to brave the end of Fashion Week [brrr]. It’s that time of year when everything feels cold, slow, and quite frankly— frustrating. So, I thought we could all use a mid-winter boost. Start jotting down one good part of your day before you go to sleep each night. It can be anything— from a fresh pot of coffee,…. Read more

Where to Find a Little Spot of Solace

You know those days when you question whether you’re doing anything right? I get those. They usually include a call to my mom, mid-breakdown, while my husband looks on— terrified— contemplating whether flowers or wine or Modern Family reruns will make it better. Sometimes, the wine works. But most of the time, I’m just overreacting. I’ve adopted some small spots— my backyard, the park, a giant tree in the city— where…. Read more

Mind Ready Monday: Reflecting from the Mediterranean

Happy Monday, my friends. I’m writing to you from the Mediterranean today. The air is calm, the people are kind and I may never leave. This trip follows New York Fashion Week, where I scanned the runways for unexpected wedding looks. Here’s a look at the article I wrote for Harper’s Bazzaar. I’ve still got more photos and outfits to share with you from Fashion Week, but for now, here’s…. Read more