Pie and Popcorn Stations for Thanksgiving

Let’s talk pies and popcorn… because you’re going to want both at Thanksgiving dinner. The pie part is a given. Duh. So why not dedicate an entire table to pies?! That’s what we did at our housewarming party and our guests went gaga for it. No, I didn’t bake these myself… [sigh]. Have everyone bring their favorite flavor to Thanksgiving. Incorporate wood Crate & Barrel pie boxes, raw or painted pumpkins, fresh…. Read more

Inside our Housewarming Party

I’m still giddy over our housewarming party last month. Giddy over the people + the love. Here’s a little photo diary. Incorporate some of these ideas into your Thanksgiving decor! You can use birch vases, dried leaves, painted pumpkins, pomegranates and pumpkin branches as centerpieces. The best idea?! Include a cider station with mason jars and cinnamon sticks (+ whiskey for the adults). I’ll also share details on our popcorn + pie…. Read more